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Why You Should Consider a Prenuptial Agreement


Though prenuptial agreements can be mistakenly viewed as a sign of distrust, they are an important tool in building a solid foundation for your marriage. The conversation may be uncomfortable at first, but having a trustworthy legal team guide you through the process can make it a positive experience that brings you and your future spouse closer.

A prenuptial agreement, commonly known as a “prenup,” is a legal agreement that inventories premarital assets and determines how they will be divided in the event of a divorce, death or affair. And they’re not just for the rich and famous; any couple with personal or business assets prior to marriage can benefit from a prenup. 

These agreements are highly personalized based on your relationship, and can even detail who retains custody of family pets or acceptable types of communication on social media. The only topics that cannot be included are child support, custody and visitation, which are decided in family court in the best interest of the child.

While prenuptial agreements tend to have a negative connotation, what most couples do not realize is their joint financial futures are being decided upon either way once they marry – with or without a prenuptial agreement. Massachusetts courts divide property equitably, meaning your assets will not be divided exactly in half but the court will make sure the division is fair. Without a prenuptial agreement in place stipulating exactly how your assets will be split, it will be at the court’s discretion. Why not take an active role and plan for all possible outcomes with a prenuptial agreement?

With 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce, it is in your best interest to protect yourself and your assets before walking down the aisle. At Army & Roche, our team of attorneys is skilled at working with you and your partner’s legal representation during the prenuptial agreement process and ensuring an agreeable outcome.

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