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Divorce Coaches May Help Couples Through Process

When couples decide that divorce is the right choice for them, they then begin a process of determining the best course of action. The first thing that most couples do is secure legal representation.

While having an attorney is integral to obtaining a successful divorce, some also suggest that couples may benefit from seeking additional support services for the nonlegal areas of divorce. A recent phenomenon, the divorce coach, has begun to take more prominence in divorce cases, offering couples that nonlegal support. When used in conjunction with legal representation, coaching may prove helpful.

Divorce coaches are often skilled in areas of counseling, finance or even law. But their role is not to give legal advice. Also, because the industry is in its early stages, it's important to be attentive to the qualifications of the prospective coaches. Unless your careful in the selection process, you could find yourself working with someone who's only qualifications are that they've gone through a divorce themselves. There are actually training classes in some states for divorce coaches, some of which include certification.

Divorce coaches can help couples plan and stay organized as they work through the different divorce aspects, such as finances and co-parenting questions. Coaches also provide their clients with what one calls a "thinking partner" - someone who can help guide them through the process while helping them focus on what's most important. By helping couples work through the paperwork and individual areas of concern, their assistance can be beneficial to couples and their attorneys.

While many Worcester couples may be hesitant to utilize the services of a divorce coach, they may find the additional support beneficial. Couples should be careful that the advice of coaches is not taken in place of proper legal representation, but is used in conjunction with the assistance of a legal professional. Divorce can be an overwhelming process for some couples; however, with the right mixture of support, couples can reach an amicable, equitable dissolution.

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