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New Child Support Policy Could Leave Massachusetts Men With No Income

Sometimes men who become disabled rely on payment from the federal government for their income. Some of those men might owe child support because they weren't able to pay it using the little income they received. Now a federal policy change may cause thousands of those men to lose their income entirely.

The policy will require electronic deposits of income instead of paper checks. That means Massachusetts parents that owed child support might lose all of their income if their disability payments have to be deposited directly into bank accounts. Many of their accounts are frozen because they've missed child support payments.

Because they were unable to work because of their disability, they missed payment and are relying on the government. With this new policy change, many men who owe child support in New York will end up with no income, and much to the money from their disability payments could end up back with the federal government. In the past, some people could cash paper checks and avoid their frozen bank accounts, but with this policy change that would be almost impossible.

While some of the money may still go to children who need the child support, many of the children are now over the age of 18 and the money will go back to the government to pay for welfare that was sent to the children when their fathers missed child support.

If someone can't make their child support payments because they become disabled, it might be possible to ask for the payments to be reduced. This all depends on an individual person's financial situation. Seeking the advice of a family law attorney might be helpful in resolving child support issues.

Source: Associated Press, "Child support debts may leave some with no income," Daniel Wagner, Feb. 28, 2012