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Why Child Custody Can Get Messy in Divorce

Almost all divorcing parents in Massachusetts would agree that they want the best for their children. Even though their intentions might be good, children of divorce can also be subjected to a crossfire of negative emotions and a bitter child custody dispute.

Divorce can be engulfed in feelings of anger and bitterness between spouses. It is very much possible for ex-spouses to put aside their differences, let those emotions go, and focus on the well-being of their children. Sadly, this does not always happen, and they take their children along for the miserable ride.

The interaction between a husband and wife can have a lasting effect on a child. This is why divorcing parents need to be fully aware of how they treat each other so that the children do not suffer any more emotional damage than they already might.

These emotions will transform a child custody dispute, or the divorce process as a whole, into a bitter battle. Often times, one spouse will use child custody as a tool of getting back at their husband or wife. These intentions could not be further off base, as a child should be placed in the custody of the parent who will provide a better home and overall well-being.

When it comes to fighting for child custody, mothers are more often granted the right. This can be because judges favor mothers over fathers. Other times, fathers simply do not ask for custody. This can also have an effect on children because their interaction with their mother is just as essential to development as their time spent with fathers.

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