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Protecting You and Your Child from Parental Alienation


Has your child become more distant in your absence during your divorce? If you’ve previously had a close relationship, then you might be the target of parental alienation.

Many of our clients aren’t familiar with the concept and how it differs from estrangement– but there is a major difference.

Parental alienation occurs when a child is turned against a parent through influence and manipulation. The alienating parent leads the child to believe things that are untrue, like allegations of abuse. These beliefs are completely false and are used to create purposeful delusions. Moreover, it is a serious form of child abuse with lifelong repercussions.

This differs greatly from estrangement, which occurs when a child does not want to see a parent due to their behavior, whether they have been abusive, neglectful or absent.

At Army & Roche, we deal with cases involving parental alienation head-on by adding an expert consultant to the team. There is often a cloud of suspicion unjustly surrounding the targeted parent due to the counter-intuitive nature of parental alienation, which our expert helps us navigate. For example, when a child doesn’t want to see their dad, the immediate assumption is that there must be some reason for this – they must have done something wrong. This is the exact trap that those involved in the case, such as the court and therapists, can easily fall into. Our expert guides us through this common misconception by supplying the latest research and developing a strategy to expose the alienating parent.

We are well versed in parental alienation cases and work with one of the nation’s leading experts on the topic, Dr. J. Michael Bone. It is of vital importance that these types of divorce cases are handled carefully and appropriately. Without a team of legal and psychological experts behind you, like ours at Army & Roche, the deck could be unfairly stacked against you and your child could be irreparably harmed.

“I highly recommend working with Army & Roche,” says Dr. Bone. “They deeply understand this form of child abuse, its profoundly serious consequences and how it should be handled in court. Together, we form a very effective team.”

If you have any concerns that you or your child are being targeted, please call us immediately to learn how Army & Roche can help.