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Parental Alienation Becoming More Prevalent in Contentious Divorces: Three Potential Warning Signs That You Are a Victim

Parental alienation is a serious issue arising more and more in contentious divorces that can have profound effects on your child’s wellbeing. Though it is not yet officially accepted by the courts as a syndrome, we deeply understand its severity and long-term impact on families.

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Equality in LGBTQ Divorce and Child Custody Cases

I recently handled a troubling case for a client, a middle-aged man who revealed he was gay and decided to leave his wife for his boyfriend, a man in his mid-20s.

The husband is a responsible, caring dad, but his ex-wife, angry and hurt by his revelation, sought to exploit the situation and use his homosexuality as a weapon in a bitter custody battle. She sought to argue that he should not be able to have contact with their children.

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Preventing International Child Custody Order Issues

Under the historic Hague Convention treaty, member nations are obligated to honor child custody orders from other countries that are part of the agreement. But what happens when one nation refuses to honor or enforce these orders?

We recently discovered through a highly contentious divorce case we are working on that it’s something that’s happening more frequently, especially in Japan, which was part of the treaty.

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