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Alert: Double Check Your Child Support Numbers – New Guidelines, Calculator Inaccurate

Calculating child support is complicated and stressful and the state’s new guidelines aren’t making things any easier. The new guidelines have made some improvements and clarified some ambiguities. We were one of the first to report on the complexities of the new guidelines and have now identified some errors in making calculations. 

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Parental Alienation Becoming More Prevalent in Contentious Divorces: Three Potential Warning Signs That You Are a Victim

Parental alienation is a serious issue arising more and more in contentious divorces that can have profound effects on your child’s wellbeing. Though it is not yet officially accepted by the courts as a syndrome, we deeply understand its severity and long-term impact on families.

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New Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines Take Effect Sept. 15, 2017

If you are paying or receiving child support, contact our team of family law attorneys today.

The new Massachusetts guidelines take effect September 15, and could save payees thousands per year and significantly impact payments for recipients. The Law Offices of Army & Roche will do a full audit to make sure you will be paying or receiving the correct amount under these complex new rules.

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Equality in LGBTQ Divorce and Child Custody Cases

I recently handled a troubling case for a client, a middle-aged man who revealed he was gay and decided to leave his wife for his boyfriend, a man in his mid-20s.

The husband is a responsible, caring dad, but his ex-wife, angry and hurt by his revelation, sought to exploit the situation and use his homosexuality as a weapon in a bitter custody battle. She sought to argue that he should not be able to have contact with their children.

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Child Support Decision May Offer Clarity in Massachusetts

There has been a lot discussion around the country on what defenses an individual charged with failure to pay child support can raise at their criminal trial. In a decision handed down by the highest court of a state to our west, the justices have set a significant threshold for those who owe child support. While this decision solely applies to cases in that state the reasoning may prove useful for those in Massachusetts looking to explain to a judge or jury their inability to pay.

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