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Why You Should Consider a Prenuptial Agreement

Though prenuptial agreements can be mistakenly viewed as a sign of distrust, they are an important tool in building a solid foundation for your marriage. The conversation may be uncomfortable at first, but having a trustworthy legal team guide you through the process can make it a positive experience that brings you and your future spouse closer. Any couple with personal or business assets prior to marriage can benefit from a prenup. 

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High-Profile Divorce Cases Have Added Financial Complexity

When celebrities divorce, it’s always big news and fodder for the gossip columns. But behind the salacious headlines and titillating details, there are major family issues.

I’ve represented pro athletes, rock stars and other high profile clients over my career and these cases pose many, many challenges. Athletes, musicians, entertainers and others not only earn income through their salaries, but they also have myriad other revenue streams that need to be protected.

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What Couples Should Consider Financially Post-divorce

When the subject of finances and divorce are broached together, many immediately think in terms of how much the divorce is going to cost. However, some suggest that Worcester couples considering the eventuality of divorce would be equally wise to consider how the process may affect their finances long-term. When one or both spouses realize that divorce is imminent, each one should begin to consider how their finances will be impacted and what they can do to maintain financial security.

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